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Coiled tubing has many uses for all types of applications. Coiled tubing is used on equipment with moving parts while supplying air, liquid, water, and gases. Coiled tubing is also used to simply attach to a pneumatic tool or blow gun for operator use. C-Lane Plastic offers a high quality coiled tube that exceeds expectation. We produce our tubing with a high quality Urethane ploymer and with highly trained personel to assure our tubing is round and concentric. Because of this we are able to produce higher quality coils that you just don't see typically. This assures kinking resistance is achieved and transitions are smooth and consistant. The last thing you want out of your air hose is a kink, blocking the passage way.  C-Lane Plastic has the capabilities to coil Polyurethane tubing in many sizes and colors, with or without tails, a tail at one end or both. We can customize coils to fit your need. Contact us for a free quote.

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