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C-Lane Plastics offers the highest quality inter-braided Urethane hose. C-Lanes reinforced tubing has many advantages over standard hose.  Exceeding the pressure ratings of a standard hose is one advantage, Very flexible yet won't kink under normal use, won't stretch in length because we use a special thread internally with a very high tinsle strength rating, our tube stays the correct length, lays straight, and doesn't kink. Reinforced hose can be used in many different types of applications. Liquid, air pressure, tranfering oils, and chemicals. Inter-braid is very durable and can take a beating and last a very long time. Inter-braid tubing is hard to kink, wants to keep its shape, and is perfect for machinery and operator use where dependability matters. Many sizes and colors to choose from. Call or message us for a quote on a specific size and color.


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